Alpha Rho Lambda currently consists of five chapters throughout the Northeastern and Southern United States founded by ambitious groups of women from specific campuses. Since then our chapters have grown to include students from colleges and universities throughout the respective metropolitan areas. You may contact our chapters directly to learn if there are any Hermanas from your academic institution or to express interest in expanding to your campus.

Alpha Chapter
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March 26, 1993 – Yale University (New Haven, CT)

As the founding chapter of the organization and the first Latina sorority to grace the Yale University campus, Alpha Chapter offers an effective support network to Latinas and all other college women throughout Southern Connecticut. Alpha Chapter bears the distinction of inducting the first graduate student to our sorority’s Gamma Chapter, which confirms the value of our effective support network for women beyond their undergraduate studies.

Beta Chapter
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May 4, 1996 – Tufts University (Boston, MA)

Beta Chapter is the product of Alpha Rho Lambda’s expansion outside of Connecticut. From its small beginnings at Tufts University, the chapter now boasts chapter members and alumnae from more than seven campuses in Massachusetts.

Gamma Chapter

February 20, 2000 – Florida State University (Nationwide – Online)

Gamma Chapter is reserved for graduate and alumnae members of the organization.  It serves to recognize the unique needs of graduate and professional women whose schedule constraints may not permit the same level of participation that is characteristic of undergraduate chapters.

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November 22, 1997 – University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX)

In the Fall of 1997 Alpha Rho Lambda boldly decided to expand outside of the Northeast.  With the assistance of Texas native and Founding Hermana Leticia Martinez, a strong group of women committed to our sorority’s tenets were initiated into the organization and established as our Delta Chapter.

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April 24, 1999 – Our Lady of the Lake University (San Antonio, TX)

Epsilon Chapter in San Antonio, Texas is our organization’s youngest chapter and the second to be founded in Texas.  With the assistance of dedicated Delta Chapter Hermanas, seven students from Our Lady of the Lake University were initiated, with many more to follow over the years.  The women of Epsilon embody and demonstrate the excellent leadership qualities exhibited by our members at all of our chapters.