Our History

Alpha Rho Lambda was founded at Yale University on March 26, 1993 by ten students of diverse Latino ancestry. We made history as the first Latina sorority ever founded at Yale University.

Alpha Rho Lambda Sorority’s 10 Founding Hermanas

Onica Cole, Yale ’93

Melissa Diaz, Yale ’93

Jacqueline Fermin Landaeta, Yale ’96

Esperanza Ingersoll-Weng, Yale ’94

Elisabeth Landry-Ciacci, Yale ’94

Nancy Nava Lupano, Yale ’95

Leticia Martinez, Yale ’93

Evelyn Rojas, Yale ’94

Aimee R. Thorne-Thomsen, Yale ’95

Lydia Marquez Wardle, Yale ’94

Alpha Rho Lambda is founded on the principles of personal excellence through notable academic achievement, community service through productive contributions to communities and their members, and lifelong sisterhood through the continued development of a meaningful and unique support network for our sisterhood of extraordinary women.

For over a decade we have attracted women committed to Alpha Rho Lambda’s tenets. Our founders take pride in the long lasting bonds our sisterhood provides for our growing membership and the significant impact we make on the community-at-large. With undergraduate and alumnae Hermanas from more than 15 campuses across the country, we continue to fill a gap for college women of diverse backgrounds who seek an unending support network of strong and intelligent women committed to success in school, business and life.

Our founding at Yale University has been included in “Nuestra History y Futuro (Our History and Future): Latino/a Fraternities and Sororities,” a scholarly article included in the book Brothers and Sisters: Diversity in College Fraternities and Sororities published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.