Make Every Day Memorial Day

It’s always important to honor the lives of those who made it possible for us to enjoy our many liberties, which we often take for granted. Memorial Day is a federal holiday where we acknowledge and honor soldiers from the armed forces who gave their lives for the cause of freedom.

Memorial Day is usually marked by visits to cemeteries and memorials to honor fallen soldiers. Flags are flown at half-staff from dawn until noon local time and many cities across the nation celebrate by hosting parades. Families and friends usually make it a priority to hold barbecues where they can get together and celebrate the freedoms they share.

While there have been several wars that Americans have supported and others they have not, across the board most Americans support the valiance of our troops. The members of our military are driven by following commands and generally do not abandon their commitment to the goals of our military.

The development of a military unit is very much like the pledge process for most sororities and fraternities:

  • You are expected to maintain all of your commitments;
  • You must stand by your teammates and try to help each other grow;
  • You develop precision as a group that ensures informed, fluid and consistent responses; and
  • You come to understand and value the differences and needs of those who undergo similar trials, not just in Greek-letter organizations but also in life.

This weekend, honor our fallen that have made it more possible for you to live a life full of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Honor all those who gave of themselves to fight in our military for freedom and were blessed enough to come home, which includes many fraternity and sorority members. Lastly, honor your fraternity and sorority predecessors who helped pave the way for you to meet new members across the country and develop relationships that you have the freedom to nourish for the rest of your life.

What is most important this Memorial Day is that you make it safe. It’s hard to memorialize anything if you’re too plastered to remember it. The best way to honor the sacrifices made for you is to live a long and full life, so don’t drink and drive. Get a designated driver if you need one. Use this day to remember what gave you the freedom to make dumb choices, and choose to make smart ones. Apply those smart choices each day and it will make every day Memorial Day.

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