Presidential Proclamation – Hispanic Heritage Month, 2016

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Our nation has found strength in diversity of our people. With faith and passion, a strong work ethic and a deep devotion to family, the Hispanic community has helped to carry forward our legacy as a vibrant symbol of opportunity for all. Whether you are here for generations or because they are some of the newest American members of our American family, they represent many countries and cultures, each adding their own distinct and dynamic perspective to the history of our country. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize the contributions that Hispanics have made throughout our history, and underline the rich diversity that keeps our communities strong.

Hispanic Americans have had an impact on our history and helped lead a hard-earned progress for all our people. They are the writers, singers and musicians who enrich our arts and humanities; innovative entrepreneurs who run our economy. They are scientists and engineers revolutionizing our way of life and making discoveries unprecedented; defenders leading the way for social and political change. They are the brave men and women in uniform who are committed to defend our most cherished ideals in our country and abroad. And their accomplishments and devotion to our nation exemplify the tenacity and perseverance infiltrators in our national character.

My administration is firmly committed to address issues of vital importance to the Hispanic community and open doors of opportunity for all Americans. The unemployment rate of the Hispanic community has declined steadily since I took office, and we have worked to support the growth and development of Hispanic-owned businesses. We have fought to make it possible to buy a house at an affordable price and increase the federal minimum wage; which would benefit more than 8 million Hispanic workers. Thanks to the Health Care Act Affordable, 4 million adults, excluding elderly, Hispanics have gained access to quality health care and affordable, reducing the rate of uninsured Hispanics by more than a quarter. The rate of high school graduation among Hispanic students has increased significantly, and we have invested more than $ 12 billion to help more Hispanic students to enroll in college. When creating a new course in our relationship with Cuba, we are strengthening communication and improving relationships among family and friends in both countries – reinforcing many ties with Latin America.

The history of our nation began with immigration; Today we continue looking for ways to realize the promise of our nation in everyone’s life, even the lives of those who are American in every way except for a piece of paper. Through the policy of deferred action for childhood arrivals, more Dreamers have received the opportunity to achieve their highest aspirations, this includes 650,000 Hispanics. Last year, I took measures within my authority as President to fix parts of our immigration system that do not work through an executive action – and remain deeply dedicated to passing comprehensive immigration reform. Until Congress acts, I will continue doing everything possible to support the legacy of our nation is a society that has been enriched by many cultural. I established the Working Group of the White House on New Americans to support the integration of immigrants and refugees in our communities. We will continue to welcome those fleeing persecution, including those in the Western Hemisphere, and we will continue working to make our immigration system fairer and smarter.

This month, we reflect on all the ways in which Hispanics have contributed to improving our nation and reaffirm our commitment to increase opportunities and build an even brighter future for us all. Let us welcome the diversity that makes us strong and we continue to work to ensure that the American dream is within reach of Hispanic generations to come.

To honor the achievements of Hispanics in the US Congress by Public Law 100-402, as amended, it has authorized and requested the President to give an annual proclamation designating the period from September 15 to 15 October as Hispanic Heritage Month.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, hereby proclaim the period from 15 September to 15 October 2016 as Hispanic Heritage Month. I call on all public officials, educators, librarians and all Americans to observe this month with ceremonies, activities and appropriate programs.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have signed this fourteenth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen, and two hundred forty-one of the Independence of the United States of America.


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