Revising Our Resolutions

Every New Year starts with resolutions for our life, family and work. One thing that tends to fall off of our list is our commitment to community service. If this is the case for you, it might be time for you to revise your resolutions.

As college students it tends to be easier to find time to get involved with many service projects because our schedule is usually our own to make. When work, children and spouses come into play, that schedule starts to belong to other people. However, with community service as one of our central tenets as Hermanas and as a sorority, it is important to find some way to include the contributions we all know are invaluable to the lives of others in the world around us. Here are a few ways you can revise your schedule and resolutions so you can still give back to the community.

  • Volunteer for a charity that hosts events annually, bi-annually or quarterly. These tend to be larger events that involve a whole day of service. Whether it’s a cancer walk, community cleanup or church fundraiser, the donation of your time will be worth its weight in gold.

  • Some nonprofits require support on a monthly basis. Record keeping, calling donors, or serving on a board can help trim an organization’s expenses, bring in more funding and provide access to intellectual resources that reflect a well-rounded community perspective.

  • Donating time on a weekly basis does require a larger time contribution, but in smaller chunks. If you volunteer to feed the elderly, you can do it once or twice a week on your days off for approximately four hours. You can become part of a big sister program, clean up an area on your local highway and can even make it a family affair. There’s no reason your family can’t become part of your commitment to give back to the community!

  • Giving of your time on a daily basis is often easier than you might think. Visiting a bedridden family member several times a week for dinner or conversation, helping an elderly neighbor by cutting their grass or weeding their garden when you tend to your own, or serving on your neighborhood watch committee may already be something you do, but forgot it was volunteering!

  • Add your signature to online petitions. It’s not time consuming, and can make a bigger impact than you might think – to raise awareness about an important social issue, call for legislative action or save a species!

Remember, donating your time is always more fun when you do it with family and friends. Contact Hermanas to support you in your service activities and you’ll be able to take advantage of their network of service-oriented friends and family.

If you don’t know where to look, you can do a Google search for local organizations whose missions focus on something important to you. The local United Way is a great resource because it is interconnected with multiple charities in your city. Lastly, you can always search on websites like or to find specific activities and events going on in your area.

Revise your resolutions to include the level of service you are able to contribute and you will be able to maintain your passionate dedication to the betterment of our community and to those who are disadvantaged or in need.

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