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Human Rights Day
2016 Theme: Stand Up For Someone’s Rights!

Human Rights Day is observed every year on December 10th. It commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1950, the Assembly passed resolution 423 (V), inviting all States and interested organizations to observe December 10th of each year as Human Rights Day.

This year, Human Rights Day calls on everyone to stand up for someone’s rights! Many of us are fearful about the way the world is heading. Disrespect for basic human rights continues to be wide-spread in all parts of the globe. Extremist movements subject people to horrific violence. Messages of intolerance and hatred prey on our fears. Humane values are under attack.

We must reaffirm our common humanity. Wherever we are, we can make a real difference. In the street, in school, at work, in public transport; in the voting booth, on social media.

The time for this is now. “We the peoples” can take a stand for rights. And together, we can take a stand for more humanity.

It starts with each of us. Step forward and defend the rights of a refugee or migrant, a person with disabilities, an LGBT person, a woman, a child, indigenous peoples, a minority group, or anyone else at risk of discrimination or violence.

Human Rights Day


2016 Events

New York

To mark International Human Rights Day on December 10th, OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights) is organizing an event on Friday December 9th (1:00pm-3:00 pm) at the Roosevelt House at Hunter College, where Eleanor Roosevelt worked on the draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Holding the commemoration at this symbolic location would help create an opportunity to reconnect to the message of this key document as “a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.”

The event will comprise a keynote address by the Deputy Secretary-General, a panel discussion and a Q&A session followed by a reception.

Journalists, Human Rights experts, and activists will be on the panel and discuss this year’s theme.

The Q&A session will be an opportunity for participants in the audience (Member States, media and society representatives, Hunter college students and UN colleagues) to join in the debate.

There will also be a screening of a short video message by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN Chamber Music will provide a short musical program.


Traditionally, UN information centers and other UN offices and missions around the world are organizing events and activities in observance of Human Rights Day, including in Brazzaville, Brussels, Dakar, Dhaka, Geneva, Harare, Islamabad, Jakarta, Lagos, Lusaka, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Tehran, Vienna, and Yerevan.

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