The most important aspect of Alpha Rho Lambda is the everlasting bond of sisterhood developed and cultivated among our Hermanas and the support network we offer one another. Sisterhood is the reason our organization continues to grow and thrive. We make every effort to become familiar with one another and share our opinions, ideas, and dedication to each other and the organization. Through cultural presentations and informative discussions, Hermanas promote communication on the topics of race, ethnicity, and gender in an effort to understand the issues that affect how people respond to one another.

As a Latina-based organization, Alpha Rho Lambda acknowledges all of the various races of Latino ancestry, thereby deriving the name Alianza de Raíces Latinas. Although we are firmly established in our commitment to support Latina women, our Hermanas come from various ethnic backgrounds. We embrace our rich ethnic heritage, and share a mutual respect, wisdom, and desire to share our bountiful ancestry with others. We graciously and openly welcome all women who are interested in true sisterhood and share our organization’s tenets.